Remote IT Management Services.

Helping MSPs Gain Confidence for Effective Growth.

Most MSPs struggle with the paradox of seemingly unending customer demand, not enough local talent to support it, and the often low-quality of most outsourcing resources.

Enter Contra, an asymmetric cybersecurity boutique that is helping MSPs to grow more efficiently with remote IT services management.


  • Gain Confidence: With our top-tier talent, sourced from blue-chip multi-nationals, our clients are confident that our remote IT management team is as good as it gets.
  • Focus on business development: Our complete portfolio of services for MSPs, including a heavy-duty cybersecurity, is enabling clients to dramatically scale and expand both their product offering and client base.
  • Increase efficiency: Our 24/7/365 team is based in Eastern Europe, so our service never sleeps. costs are significantly lower than what you’ll pay locally.

From Service Desk to IT Infrastructure and Operations Management, we have the talent, the product portfolio, and the pricing to significantly reduce your TCO and boost your ROI.


We merge our own tools and our clients’ preferred array of tools to custom-create a kit that covers the entire lifecycle of Service Desk Management. Our services include:

  • Service Request
  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Access Control

Our primary focus is aligning IT services with our clients’ specific business needs. To achieve a total makeover of your clients’ IT assets and infrastructure, we offer:

  • Asset Management and Inventory
  • Planning and Capacity Management
  • Information Security Consulting Services
  • Service Status Reporting
  • Applications management to achieve maximum control and efficiency
  • Integration/deployment of new technologies including hardware/software solutions

To wrap it all, we consult clients on implementing the most effective technologies with highest ROI solutions.

Through a custom-created consolidation of tools and systems, we provide qualified services in accordance with ITIL standards. Our services include:

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of IT infrastructure, including but not limited to switches, routers, servers, desktops, and access points.
  • Automated software deployment
  • Data protection, Data availability, and Data Integrity
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management (AWS, Azure, Google)
Ready to Go Asymmetrical?